Palestine Solidarity Day By Ishara Mudugamuwa | SL calls for restraint in Gaza

Palestine Solidarity Day celebrations will be held on November 28 under the patronage of Senior Minister for Rural Affairs and Sri Lanka-Palestine Solidarity Committee president Athauda Seneviratne.

A photographic exhibition will be held at the BMICH in line with Palatine Solidarity Day celebrations to commemorate the eighth death anniversary of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Palestinian ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives Anwar.H.Al Agha and ministers will participate.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed by the United Nations on or around November 29 each year since 1977, in accordance with mandates given by the General Assembly.

Under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Sri Lankan government tries to change the world opinion on Palestine and encourages countries to support Palestinians to win their rights, said Sri Lanka-Palestine Solidarity Committee president, Minister Athauda Seneviratne.

"The President appointed an ambassador to Palestine. A peace pagoda was established in the Ramallah city to strengthen friendly relations between the two countries. As an honour to the President, Palestinians have named a street as President Mahinda Rajapaksa Road," the minister said.



SL calls for restraint in Gaza

While expressing its deep concern at the recent serious escalation of violence in Gaza, Sri Lanka today called on Israel and Palestinian leaders to display ‘restraint and avoid civilian casualties’.

Issuing a statement the Ministry of External Affairs says:

“Sri Lanka is deeply concerned and disturbed at the recent serious escalation of violence in Gaza and deeply regrets the loss of lives and the great suffering experienced by the people of Palestine.

Sri Lanka strongly believes the use of force and militaristic threats should be halted and that there is no alternative to the peaceful resolution of the conflict through peace talks.

We call upon both the Israeli and Palestinian leaders to display restraint and avoid civilian casualties.  It is hoped that the parties would continue to demonstrate leadership and political courage and keep open the door to peace.


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