Regime change-sorry, Sri Lanka is not Iraq!


Wikileak revelations did not surprise me as much as what I read in the front page of your newspaper (20 Dec.). The news item related to some opposition goons trying to canvass support through their masters for a regime change, by conspiring at the headquarters of democracy – the House of Commons. From this we note that already frustration has started to set in among the opposition members, who are unable to see light at the end of the tunnel or for that matter there is no end to this dark tunnel they are in. So, they look for a short cut; ’regime change’! I am sorry to note their ignorance. In Sri Lanka, we have a government elected by the people and not a dictatorship imposed on them like what they had in Iraq, where two self appointed ‘liberators’, Bush and Blair, illegally invaded to effect a regime change.

It is a shame that those who belonged to a party propagating democracy to talk about a regime change. This clearly points out that their chances now are hopeless and the future is absolutely bleak. Thus it thinks the only way it can capture power is through ‘Iraq style’ regime change. The Sri Lankan public is waiting for an official clarification from the party to which this London organizer, who suggested a regime change, belonged to. It is time that  Sri Lankan public taught a lesson to all those so called Sri Lankans who work against the country, abroad, and urging those countries to impose sanction on us.



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