Shibly Aziz PC Elected as the BASL President

Sailan Muslim Foundation congratulates the former Attorney General
Shibly Aziz, PC for been elected as the President of the Bar
Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) in the election today, 24/02/2010.

Brother Shibly is one of the founder members, a trustee and Vice Chairman of
Sailan Muslim Foundation and is heading the editorial section of the

Sailan Muslim Foundation is grateful to those who obliged to our
request in supporting him to be successful and we wish him all the best
in his new venture.


Al – Hamdulillah, Br. Shibly Aziz PC was elected as the President of The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL)
with a comfortable majority. We thank the Members of the legal fraternity for making the right choice.

Br. Shibly Aziz is the second Muslim Attorney General in the history of Sri Lanka. He is the son of Advocate Marhoom M.H.A. Aziz – founder of Ahadiya Movement in Sri Lanka and is the present President of the All Island Ahadiya Movement with branches crisscrossing this Island Nation.

May Allah the Rahman and the Raheem engulf him in His mercy and grant him the strength and courage in
discharging his duties.


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