Sri Lankan Muslims in UK keen on communal harmony

uk-visit-2They show keen interest on National Shoora Council

Though thousands of miles away, the hearts and minds of Sri Lankan Muslims all over the United Kingdom remain with their loved ones, the community and the country as a whole. They have shown keen interest in the political developments in the island and are ready to play their own role in bringing the communities together and ensure that the country moves ahead in peace and harmony in the larger interest of all.

This was the observation of veteran Sri Lankan journalist Latheef Farook who was in Britain on a lecture tour between May 16 and June 8, 2015 explaining the fast changing political scene in the island ever since President Maithripala Sirisena was elected to power in the 8 January 2015 presidential elections. He also explained the forces trying undo the people’s 8 January 2015 verdict and turn the country once again into one of crime, corruption and injustice.
He was invited by the Harrow based Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre(UK) and the intuitive for this lecture tour was taken by writer and researcher Lukman Harees who coordinated Latheef Farook’s  intensive programme during his visit here.

Ever since his arrival in Britain on 16 May 2015 he has addressed number of gatherings of the Sri Lankan Muslim expatriates there discussing the political developments in the island and the need to protect the interest of the Muslim community.

During his stay he addressed Sri Lankan Muslims of all walks of life in cities such as Reading, Harrow, Slough, Leicestor, Crawly, and East London, Luton, South London and Windsor besides attending inter faith programs with the involvement of the maha Sangha from the Kingsbury Temple, London and Tamil social activists as well who are keen on living peace and harmony but with rights and dignity restored.

 In all these gatherings Latheef Farook not only provided the audience with a clear picture of the political situation in the island and stressed the need for national reconciliation in Sri Lanka, but also opened the meetings for question and answer sessions which provided excellent opportunity for participants to clear their doubts on various issues.

At Slough gathering with the organisers

In his farewell program at Slough based Sri Lankan Mosque, he addressed the community leaders at the AGM of COSMOS, the umbrella organization of the SL Muslim organizations in UK, and stressed the need to work together for the greater benefit of the community in both UK and Sri Lanka. 

These question answer sessions followed by these lectures became very lively and in some places went on till almost midnight.


Harrow program and section of participants

The main theme of almost all these lectures were communal harmony and the need to bring the communities together in the larger interest of the country especially in the context of racist elements raising their ugly heads to poison the minds of mainstream Sinhalese and pit them against the island’s Muslim community which has been the most peaceful of all the three communities as once stated by former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva.

In all these meetings he has also highlighted the crucial role of the National Shoora Council which is fast emerging as the voice and hope of the community.

interfaith program chaired by Kingsbury Tmple Chief Priest Number -Markfield Islamic Institute-Leicester
interfaith program chaired by Kingsbury Tmple Chief Priest
Number -Markfield Islamic Institute-Leicester

Discussing the political scenario he emphasized the need to support President Maithripala Sirisena’s move to end crime, corruption and restore justice to create a new environment for all to live in peace and harmony.

In fact it was part of this program that the Sri Lankan Muslims in UK organized a family get together bringing members of all Sri Lankan communities-Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and all others on 7 June 2015.

Reception hosted by Madawala Muslim community at Slough Sixteen-Program at Crawly
Reception hosted by Madawala Muslim community at Slough
Sixteen-Program at Crawly

Source : http://www.latheeffarook.com

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