why demonise muslims ?

On  11 February 2009 The Morning Leader published a letter by Brian Jansz  of Pannipitiya describing even freedom struggle of Muslims as terrorism.It was a   deliberately misleading letter. Perhaps a  one panted by anti Muslims forces.

I sent my response to the Editor,Morning Leader, who responding promptly asked me to forward  my response to the Editor-Sunday Leader. As requested my response was e mailed to him within minutes. Since then I tried to speak to him in person and left message after message .However no response and uptodate this  reply was not published.  This  is typical of local english dailies when it comes to    treating Muslims.It also showed to what extent the media here and abroad descend to project va negatuive image of Muslims.

Here is my response and please read;

By Latheef Farook

About CNN presenter Christian Amanpour’s dissemination of news. The pro Jewish Western media, integral part of Western war machines, always manipulates public opinion, with their lies, to facilitate the warmongers to help implement their evil designs especially on Muslim countries. For example, encouraged by the US Ambassador April Glaspie the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein sent his troops to Kuwait and triggered off the Gulf Crisis.

Media, especially Christian Amanpour and her CNN, played a crucial role in misleading the world to enable the US to invade and destroy Iraq under the guise of liberating Kuwait . As a journalist who witnessed the media manipulation during this war from the Gulf, I could state that the media won this war before the armies even entered the battlefield.

Who benefitted? The western weapons industry .They sold a staggering $ 157 billion of armaments to Gulf countries that were all brought under the military umbrella of the US . In his first statement after   the war, former US President George Bush Sr said, “ Israel is safe and the oil flows freely”. It was Israel that badly wanted this war and the US merely obliged.

Islam gave birth to one of the greatest civilisations in world history, enriched many other civilisations and in fact it was the Muslims’ contribution that triggered off the Renaissance in Europe . So how come the Muslims with such a fascinating and inspiring history have suddenly become terrorists now?

It  was the years of systematic  injustice,  brutalities and oppression of Muslims by US, Britain, Europe, Zionist Jews and now joined by the Hindutva dominated India that  turned peaceful Muslims   to resort to armed struggle to establish their rights and dignity. Besides, they also imposed and protected cruel and oppressive dictators in Muslim countries who keep the people suppressed and obstruct their progress

Dealing with religious fundamentalism, Brian spoke about al Qaeda, Hamas, LeT and Taliban, but conveniently dropped the two largest and deadliest terrorist groups in the world- Zionist Jewish and Hindutva terrorism.  Kashmiris were known   for their peaceful nature. Political manoeuvrings of the Central Government in Delhi , rigging of elections in 1987 and 1996, years of political turmoil, economic problems, poverty and many other factors led to the 1989 mass uprisings and created the LeT.

Hamas   is an organisation struggling to free the Palestinians   from the Zionist Jews who robbed their lands to set up their Jewish racist state of Israel that was born out of terrorism. Israel is not a democracy, but an ethnocracy. Hamas was   elected in a spotless free and fair election supervised by no lesser a person than former US President Jimmy Carter. Trying to crush Hamas only showed that the US claim to promote democracy is a farce.

About what Pope said;

In an extremely inflammatory speech, Pope Benedict associated   Islam with violence at his former University of Regensburg , in his native Bavaria in Southern Germany , on 12 September 2006.

Citing an obscure medieval text, recounting a fictitious conversation between 14th-century Byzantine Christian Emperor Manuel Paleologos II and a Persian scholar on Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Pope Benedict asked “show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”.

He called upon Muslims to fight terrorism. This would have sounded fair if Pope Benedict, as Cardinal Erst Ratzinger, had called upon the Catholic community to shed terrorism when the IRA bombs killed more than 3,500 people, or if called upon Zionist Jews to stop killing innocent Palestinians who were made prisoners in their own homes and lands. However, Pope Benedict was not slow to punish Muslims around the world with a collective and guilt-ridden responsibility.

Pope Benedict’s remarks were either “the result of pitiful ignorance” about Islam and its prophet, or worse, a deliberate distortion of the truths. He later said he was “deeply sorry for his comments on Islam”.

Child abuse has been a major problem within the Catholic Church and did the Muslim media or any Muslim scholar in the world exploit this opportunity to humiliate the church and Catholicism?

Nevertheless, the question is how can Pope Benedict, as head of Catholic Church and a man of peace, accept an invitation by   George Bush, who was described as a monstrous war criminal by Richard Horton, a doctor and the editor of the Lancet, named as a war criminal by British playwright and Nobel laureate Harold Pinter. He demanded that the Pope’s host be taken to the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague .

Yet Pope Benedict accepted Bush’s invitation, marking his 81st birthday, and provided   a seal of approval for   his crusade against   Muslims. There Pope Benedict never found time to speak a word about the slaughter of more than   1.3 million Iraqi Muslims and virtual destruction of the Iraqi society.

According to Brian, Muslim terrorists have killed a total of 1027 people in Bali , US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania , US and French peacekeepers and others in London and Madrid . He should probe little more and find out the cause for these killings.

George Bush and Tony Blair together with their Australian racist poodle John Howard unleashed a global campaign demonizing Islam  to inflame hatred against   Muslims.

Iraq was an almost developed country known for its rich historic past. The US led invasion killed more than 1.4 million innocent men, women, children and the aged and threw more than four million into refugee camps both within and outside the country where they suffer to this day in appalling conditions. Hundreds of thousands of innocent women were raped and killed destroying the fabric of a society known for its religious values. Highly developed health, education, water, sewage and all other basic facilities were in ruins and Israel ’s secret service Mossad murdered hundreds of intellectuals and professionals.

In Fallujah, a city of 300,000 people, Bush dropped internationally banned and improved versions of napalm bombs, which burnt and melted fasting Muslims to death. The American media, despite its modern technology, was quite conspicuous in its silence on the Fallujah massacre, which is one of the most horrendous acts of genocide in modern history. There is lawlessness everywhere. Today the entire Iraqi population remains traumatised and these are the obscene images of crimes that cry out to the Heavens for vengeance.   Yet did Brian ever describe Bush and Blair and Howard as terrorists?

If Brian Jansz was an Iraqi whose family was wiped out and whose daughters were raped and killed what would be his feeling towards Bush and Blair? I am sure if you have little bit of self-respect, dignity and feelings for your slaughtered loved ones you would rise up against this Anglo American   savagery. Under such circumstance if I call you a terrorist what, would be your feeling?   This is what you had done, Mr. Jansz, when you described the oppressed Muslims fighting for freedom as Islamist terrorists!

About 9/11 it was not the Muslims, but the Jews who danced in jubilation from neighboring building and video filmed the collapse of the WTC buildings. Almost every independent study undertaken by numerous professionals, institutions and organisations into the collapse of the WTC building came to one conclusion. And that  was  Muslims have nothing to do with this disaster as the Twin Tower buildings were not brought down by the aircrafts but by missiles placed within the buildings.

Exploiting the fear psychosis created by the media  in the aftermath of 9/11    George Bush accused Al Qaeda of masterminding the attacks, invaded Afghanistan within 27 days,  killed hundreds of thousands of poverty stricken   Afghans and installed a restaurant owner Hamid Karzai as president against the will of the people before starting to set up military bases all over the country.  Afghans have been waging a fierce   struggle to oust the occupier. Can we call them terrorists? If they are terrorists, what do we call George Bush and Tony Blair who had inflicted this unprecedented death, devastation   and sufferings?

Almost eight years after 9/11 today, provoking the religious sensitivities of Muslims  to justify the destructive designs  has become an organized global campaign. Inevitably, average Christians have become victims of this plot just as much as the unfortunate Muslims have been.

With regard to Danish cartoons insulting Islam’s beloved Prophet.

Prophets are no ordinary people. They were chosen by the Almighty God to send His message to humanity as a whole. Is there any need to make fun out of them. No Muslim ever insulted Jesus or Moses because they are two of the most important  prophets of Islam.The mere thought of insulting a prophet is blasphemy.

This caricature to stir up racial and religious antagonisms was first published in January 2006 in the far rightwing Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Why Denmark ? Why not London or New York ?    Denmark is the centre of activities for Mossad, which maintains very close relationship with the Danish intelligence service.  The journalist who was instrumental in triggering off the controversy over the cartoons is an Islam-hating Ukrainian Jew, operating under the name of “Flemming Rose” with close working relations with the Israel ’s far right forces.   Columnists James Petras and Robin Eastman pointed out that ‘the centre piece of the current explosive confrontation between the Muslim world and the US and Western European regimes and publishers are rooted in Israeli efforts to polarize the world in its favour and to promote isolation, economic sanctions and/or a military attack on Iran ’.

No Muslim throughout their more than 14 century history  ever  insulted   members of other faiths. This is not part of Muslim culture and Islam completely forbidden such sadistic perversion.

Manipulating the media the West managed to successfully sell the Al Qaeda threat although, even today, Al Qaeda remains an organisation without an office, without an address, without a telephone or fax number and even without an e-mail address.

Muslim countries are being attacked and bombed with impunity; Muslims are tortured and killed, their religion and prophet mocked. Muslims are among the poorest people in the world and their countries the least developed despite some Muslim countries having enormous wealth and riches. Muslims now realise   that the fight against terrorism was a skilfully executed conspiracy, crusade, against Islam and Muslims   to reduce Muslim countries to wastelands.

This was proved beyond doubt by recent events in Iraq , Afghanistan , Somalia , Algeria , Bosnia , Kosovo , Albania , Chechnya ,   occupied Palestine , Kashmir, Gujarat and Central Asian Muslim Republics and many other areas where Muslims were suppressed.  However, no one speaks about them. During the past one and a half decades, more than 12 million Muslims were driven to refugee camps where they suffer in abject poverty.

So long these oppressions continues Muslims are bound to   fight for their Rights and Dignity

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