Muslims of Sri Lanka. Avenues to Antiquity edited by Dr.M.A.M.Shukri (1986)

Muslims of Sri Lanka. Avenues to Antiquity edited by Dr. M.A.M.Shukri (1986) is one of the most comprehensive works written on the history of Sri Lanka’s Muslim community. This valuable work which comprises a collection of essays by a number of renowned scholars details the growth and progress of Sri Lanka’s Muslim community from the earliest times beginning with Arab traders who settled down here to the colonial period and beyond.

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  1. Rafi Nestar Haniffa

    I do have a few collection of Books written by Muslims & outsiders on the Subject of the Origin of the Muslims of Sri Lanka.In my Opinion the ONLY two authors who have done justice to this Subject first & foremost are Dr.M.A.M Shukri & Mr Asiff Hussain. Both are erudite Scholars and we as part of the Muslim Society should be proud of such contributions by them and others alike.

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