Islamic History Month in Canada celebrated Sailan Muslim Foundation of canada

Here are the videos

Islamic History Month OF Canada



Cansda Nationnal Anthem

Rimzy Kuthubdeen Member Organisation & Business Corner Presentation

Joha McKay MP Scarborough – Guildwood

Chirs Alexander MP Citizenship and Immigration

Yisuf Badat

Rathika Sitsabaiesan MP Scarborough – Rouge River

Ifthikar Hassan

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Islamic Schilor

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  1. Maha Allah This is the result of unity. May Allah guide all of us in achieving all what is required to please Allah. The Sri Lankan Muslim expatriates living in Toronto is an example and has rose to the demand and initiated the steps required to build the bridges across our own community and others. May Allah help and guide them all the way. May Allah reward all those who planted the seed to achieve this and give those who are presently involved the light to see what is right and what is wrong and give them the courage to act by what is right which will please Allah. AGA Barrie, P.Eng.

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