We are in the last week before Ramadan; it is worth reminding us all to allow our hearts to receive this holiest of months before our eyes sight the moon. As we turn to Allah in anticipation of fasting, we beg Him to allow us to witness it and to greet the month by shedding our sinful habits and demonstrating our readiness to change and be more compassionate.

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Alhamdulillah, the  SLIA journey  toward  helping the  underprivileged continues, reaching  new milestones. Through generous contributions made by you, the SLIA has already distributed dry food packs to 110 families in Tsunami village, Hambantota.  This included 10 kg rice, 1kg Milk powder,
2kg White Flour, 2kg Parippu, 500g tea, 1kg dates, 2kg sugar and either Nelli or Rose syrup drinks. Inshaa Allah with your continued support, we plan to help a growing village of 135 families in Tsunami village, and an additional 100 families in Neeravipitiya in the Mullativu district during the month of Ramadan.  May Allah reward in abundance to those of you who contribute towards this worthy cause.

With the help of NGO’s, the Government of Sri Lanka, is resettling refugees from where they have been since their displacement in Puttlam, where they will be returned  back in their homelands located in the North and the East of Sri Lanka. The limited resources of this operation has allowed the SLIA to provide additional support for the returning refugees from Puttlam to where they have been settled in the village of Neeravipitiya which is in the district of Mullativu. While they have been  provided  donated  land  for resettlement,  the  refugees have  no  easy access to  sewerage, electricity or water due to the poor infrastructure of the area. The village has requested toilets so they may have access to basic hygiene and where the safety and dignity of young ladies within their families be taken into consideration.
If I may recall your attention to the SLIA’s charitable efforts last year; 15 toilets were successfully constructed. This year, after securing a majority approval by the membership at the AGM, the SLIA will embark on another  project to build an additional 100 toilets. Each toilet is expected to cost £315, where your contribution towards this cause will help families in this community to access one of life’s basic necessities.
So as we beseech The Almighty to allow us to experience Ramadan with our hearts and souls, may Allah also reward you all for your generosity. As we invite the holy month to come into our lives and do away with the sins that have soiled our records for the last 11 months, may the efforts by the SLIA bring a better life to more of our brothers and sisters struggling in our Motherland. Ameen
Ramadan Kareem
Haleem Ossman
Sri Lanka Islamic (UK) Association

Inshaa Allah with your continued generous contributions, we plan to support the following worth causes:
Ramadan food  distribution programme to the Tsunami Village for 135 families and further extend the project to include the Neeravipitty village in Mullathiwu for 100 families with a view to Inshaa Allah help our Muslim brothers and  sisters to be in a position to participate in Ramadan along with us all.

A mosque has been constructed within the area for prayers and religious activities and during the month of Ramadan,  kanji is distributed to the people in the area from donations. The mosque is not complete and requires a lot of construction work and which is halted due to the lack of funds and support.

Permanent Toilet  Construction Programme: This project was initiated last year for resettled households in Neeravipitty in Mullaithivu. Targeting families in extreme poverty to protect the safety and  dignity of  the elderly, sick and  vulnerable who can face assault in remote areas when they seek privacy for the basic human right to relieve themselves. Construction of the first 5 toilets were completed and inspected by members of the Charity Sub-Committee in March  2015 and the next tranche of 5 toilets are nearing completion. We were thankful to  learn  from  them  that  the  toilets had  alleviated some of  the distress caused, particularly to the elderly and sick, and that  they were remembering the SLIA in their duas.
The   SLIA’s  Neeravipitty  Civil-Empowerment  Education project   was  initiated  last  year  to  encourage  self-sufficiency amongst poor   Muslim communities through education. Our Muslims brothers and sisters in Mullaithivu community are  being empowered to improve the conditions by seeking local established educational experts  to  teach  their  children  youth  leadership  courses  and support  primary  to  A‘ Level tuition. As a result of this after-school support, there has been an improvement in O’ Level pass rates, which the community is seeking to build on
by expanding the number of classes available.

Please make cheques payable to Sri Lanka Islamic (UK) Association and return to: The Treasurer, SLIA (UK), 7 Broadway Buildings, Boston Road, London W7 3TT Direct/Electronic payments to the Lloyds Bank Account below:

Account Name     Sri Lanka Islamic (UK) Association  
Account Number  21061860
Sort Code            30-99-08     

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