Asiff Hussein (Author)

Asiff Hussein is the author of a number of publications spanning fields as diverse as Ethnology, Sociology, Linguistics and Islamic issues.  He presently serves as Vice President- Outreach of the Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS), heading its Mosque Tours and other outreach projects. He holds a B.A. Degree in Social Sciences from the Open University of Sri Lanka, a Post-graduate Diploma in Archaeology from the University of Kelaniya and a Diploma in Journalism from the Aquinas College of Higher Studies, Sri Lanka. He is an Alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program organised by the US State Department, having participated in an IVLP Program on Religion and Social Justice in America on a tour that covered Washington, Huntsville, Birmingham, Santa Fe and San Francisco from June 28th to July 16th 2010.


Sarandib. An Ethnological Study of the Muslims of Sri Lanka. Neptune Publications (February & July 2007 and September 2011)

Zeylanica, a Study of the Peoples and Languages of Sri Lanka. Neptune Publications (September 2009, September 2014 and September 2016)

Ivilly Pevilly. The Gastronome’s Guide to the Culinary History & Heritage of Sri Lanka Neptune Publications (2012)

Tolerance in Islam. A Publication of the Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum (2012), translated into Sinhala as Islamaya Desana Agamika Ivasima (2014)

Caste in Sri Lanka. From Ancient Times to the Present Day. Neptune Publications (2013)

Accha House and Umma House. A Mixed Childhood in Sri Lanka. Author Publication (2014 and May 2017)

Springs of Saylan. The Muslim Contribution to Sri Lanka. Sailan Muslim Foundation (April 2018)

Mystique Island. Unsolved Mysteries of Sri Lanka. Neptune Publications (September 2018)

Thirty Shades of Taprobane. Strange Beliefs and Customs of Sri Lanka. Neptune Publications (March 2021)

The Great Days of Colombo: A Journey of Colombo Through Time as Never Seen Before. Neptune Publications (December 2021)

Iconic Masjids of Ceylon. Ceylon Baithulmal Fund (March 2022)

Co-authored Memons of Sri Lanka. Men, Memoirs, Milestones with Hameed Kareem. Memon Association of Sri Lanka (2006) and co-edited The Muslim Heritage of Eastern Sri Lanka with S.H.M.Jameel. Muslim Women’s Research and Action Forum (2011)


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