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The exclusive interview with the health minister, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah ‘It’s patients first, health minister spells out policy’ is really outstanding. It shows what a dedicated person he is.

I was in fact heartened to read his reason why he chose the job of a pediatric surgeon as his profession. He has said that it is purely out of his love of children. How compassionate is Dr. Al-Rabeeah.
How many professionals have the same motive of serving the humanity? How can one forget the dozens of successful surgeries he has performed on separating Siamese twins in the kingdom?
The most complicated of all surgeries he performed, I remember, was on a set of Egyptian twins- two four month old girls- Talia and Taleen, generously sponsored by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – then the Crown Prince.
According to Al-Rabeeah the toughest part of that surgery was separating the liver. Which doctors managed without losing a large amount of blood, which could have jeopardized children’s survival. Operation on Siamese twins began in Saudi Arabia in 1990. Al-Rabeeah’s work is globally acclaimed.
What a wise decision it is of King Abdullah to appoint this dedicated surgeon, who is committed to his policy of ‘it’s patients first’, as the Minister of Health of Saudi Arabia. Within three years of his appointment Al-Rabeeah has made giant strides in improving the health services in the kingdom.
Al Rabeeah is now set to perform a surgery on a set of conjoined twins from the kingdom, this week. They are to be separated in a specialized hospital in Riyadh. A multidisciplinary team headed by the health minister Al Rabeeah will perform the 13-hour surgery in 11 phases.
The surgical team comprises 28 members covering anesthesia, pediatrics, urology, orthopedics, plastics and nursing. The team met several times headed by Al Rabeeah to review the case of the twins.
Tests and investigations show that the twins share the lower abdomen and pelvis and have a fused uro-genital system, lower back, in addition to sharing one anal canal. The team is confident that the twins are separable.
The twins have reached their target weight and are doing very well and are stable with all the necessary tests having been completed for the separation. We wish the team and the twins all the best of luck.
Dr. Abdullah Al Rabbeah is a great asset to the kingdom and a role model for all doctors world over. Five days a week you will see him tied up with the load of his ministerial duties and the remaining two days practicing his medical profession for the sake love he has inherited for the children.
May God bless him for all his magnanimous service to the mankind irrespective of their nationality.
– Asian Tribune –

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