9/11 Tragedy at New York and Washington Global Conspiracy against Islam and Muslims. by Latheef Farook

It is a decade and half since the 11 September 2001 tragedy in New York City’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington.

Accusing Al Qaeda within hours for the disaster President George Bush Jr exploited the tragedy as a platform to swiftly unleash a global military campaign against Islam and Muslims and turned the Middle East into a virtual killing fields and wastelands. As the Cold War ended following the collapse in 1989 of the former Soviet Union, Bush exploited 9/11 to substitute the Red Communists with Islam and Muslims to continue wars to help corporate conglomerates plunder Middle East.

As part of this conspiracy Bush Jr, in the footsteps of his father George Bush Sr, blackmailed countries, formed a coalition and within 27 days invaded Afghanistan only to let loose America’s destructive military juggernaut on the pitiable Afghans forced to forage for a single meal and who didn’t know where their next nibble would be coming from.

According to Western media, America had detail plans under the Clinton administration, a year before September 11, to send Special Forces to Afghanistan to “roll back” Al Qaeda and capture Osama bin Laden. This plan was approved a week before September 11, after a lengthy policy review ordered by Bush.

Cynthia McKinney, the outspoken Congress politician from Atlanta, claimed that Bush had advance knowledge of the September 11 attacks.

Therein began the well planned and carefully orchestrated global campaign against Islam and the dehumanisation of Muslims to engineer conflicts and thrive on human misery. They dug up, one after the other, conflicts involving Muslims forgotten centuries ago to further their own ends. These range from   Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria and Yemen leave alone the endless misery in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories and other freedom struggle of Muslims such as Kashmiri issue.

However it didn’t take long for the world to realise that the 9/11 attack was a conspiracy by America and Israel to implement their own designs on Middle East. Numerous studies disclosed the US-Israeli involvement in the 9/11 bombings and the conspiracy.

Israel wanted to destroy the Middle East to establish GREATER ISRAEL covering parts of Syria, Iraq and Egypt, while America, where governments are made and unmade by Jewish lobbies, wanted wars to help corporate conglomerates such as weapons, oil, banking, finance and other industries to loot resources of Middle East.

Distinguished 9/11 scholar Dr. James Fetzer said  “9/11 was the creation of CIA, the Neo-Cons in the Department of Defence and the Mossad. Neither Osama nor the 19 alleged “suicide hijackers” had anything to do with it.

In February 2006, during a congressional hearing, the Pentagon presented its four-year plan for a protracted war while another report by a US military academy emphasised the need to promote inter-Muslim warfare. These ghastly reports, disclosing Bush and his neo con team’s conspiracy against Islam and Muslims, were buried by the Western media.

Under the guise of fighting terrorism, war against Islam and Muslims spearheaded by Bush in the aftermath of the September 11, has been so comprehensive that it struck at the very root of political, military, economic, financial, social, religious and even cultural life of Muslims worldwide.

The hysteria created was such that even to suggest that the 9/11 attacks were a response to American policies in the Middle East was met by  US with outrage and condemned as “unpatriotic”, “treacherous”, or as “appeasement” of terrorism.

Subsequent developments showed how Bush exploited the shocked nation’s grief to implement his pre-planned designs to topple regimes and install puppet leaders to redesign the Middle East to suit their goal of creating Greater Israel.

Thus all Muslim countries, individuals, Islamic banking and financial institutions, organisations – especially religious ones – and charities, mosques, religious schools and anything and everything related to Islam and Muslims have become objects of suspicion and hatred. Calls for the elimination of these Islamic Institutes have been echoed by the pro Jewish Western media in servitude to Bush, helping his Christian Fundamentalist agenda to stem the spread of Islam in the US and Europe.

Today, Muslim men with beards and women with headscarves were branded as terrorists. This range from pop star Yusuf Islam, Cat Stevens, to Bollywood actor Sharuk Khan. Muslims were off loaded from planes only because they are Muslims. The situation is such that all Muslim men and women have been demonised as potential terrorists and their lives brutally extinguished, without any justification.

Exploiting the global political climate Muslim governments were blackmailed and forced to disclose details of Islamic organisations’ activities on the pretext of investigating links to the Al Qaeda organisation in their countries. Many Muslim countries and almost every country in the Middle East supplied plane loads of documents to the US giving detailed accounts of all Muslim Associations, their activities and the people involved in their respective countries. In doing so, these regimes wanted to ensure their own survival rather than the interests, the dignity or security of their countries.

As part of a long-term global conspiracy aimed at separating Muslims from Islam to produce secular-minded Muslims, Muslim countries were also pressurised to alter syllabuses in their schools and university curriculum. Fearing the wrath of the sole super power, autocratic rulers in Muslim countries obediently complied. Even Pakistan, which became a client state of the US under Musharraf changed its syllabuses and was rewarded with funds from the US.

Shameful state of affairs is such that Saudi Arabia, oil rich Gulf countries and many other regimes in the Middle East have become integral part of US-European-Israeli war machine against Muslims in the region and beyond. Hand in glove with Israel they commit heinous crimes against Muslims.  For example the Saudi-Israeli war on Yemen involving UAE and the installation of pro- Israeli military dictatorship in Egypt after toppling the first ever democratically elected Islamic oriented President Mohamed Morsi’s government.

Under this campaign, every Muslim religious school was under close scrutiny and the age-old religious schools have been deliberately subjected to harassment. Unable to withstand the pressure, many Islamic religious schools worldwide were closed down or forced to downsize their operations. Most of these religious schools were funded by philanthropists and these benefactors were ordered by their respective governments   to stop their contributions.

 It seems obvious that the primary intention of the crusade was to snuff out the spread of Islam by conveniently employing the hobgoblin of terrorism as a smokescreen.

The overall smear campaign, had successfully managed to turn the world against   Muslims. The fair word of Islam, which means peace, has been tarnished by the Western media to such lengths that it is now inextricably linked it to terrorism.

They put Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds against one another and provoked civil wars.

Muslim refugees fleeing their homes became common sights on television networks. Millions of innocent Muslims who enjoyed very high standard of living in their own homes and lands were killed ,many millions were driven out to refugee camps to live in appalling conditions while those remained  at homes  were made refugees in their own homes.

United Nations was exploited as a tool to legalise all wars against Muslim countries. Thus the UN failed the humanity.

Helpless Muslim all over the world watch in dismay at the unprecedented barbarity perpetrated against them and their inability to take any concrete initiative to undo the damage with their regimes turning a blind eye to the atrocities.

 “Western media” has become integral part of the war machine and feeds the world with lies, more lies and nothing but damnable lies justifying their evil agendas.

Years ago, the Road to Mecca film fame Mohamed Asad said, “The damage caused by the Crusades was the poisoning of the Western mind against the Muslim world through deliberate misrepresentation of the teachings and ideals of Islam”.

The anti-Muslim feeling has been rekindled on a global scale and ‘Islamophobia’ has spread like wildfire. The situation is so frightening that Wolfram Richter, the Economic Professor of Germany’s Dortmund University   has expressed his fears that “the next holocaust would be against Muslims”.  His fears were proved judging from the killing spree of Muslims all over.

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