Custodian of Makka and Madina’s war against Islam and Muslims in Egypt B Latheef Farook


King Abdullah spent billions to implement Israeli agenda in Egypt


Saudi ruler Abdulla, self declared custodian of the two Hoy Shrines in Makka and Medina, once again soaked himself  in Muslim blood when fifty one Muslims at morning prayer were  massacred in cold blood on Monday 8 July 2013  by the  very armed forces which he  spent billions and plotted to bring to power in Egypt.

People held, Defense Minister and military commander General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, a Saudi-Zionist American stooge- who toppled the elected government of President Mohammad Morsi, responsible for the cold-blooded murders.

This is not something new as the Saudi regime has been hand in glove with the enemies of Islam-America and Israel- in invading and destroying Muslim countries besides killing millions of Muslims in the Middle East and beyond.  In doing so he and other Gulf rulers implemented the Israel’s evil agenda against Islam and Muslims. 

The Saudis and the other Gulf regimes were deeply alarmed at the rising democracy and Islam in Egypt. Equally alarmed were Israel and the United States.

For the Saudi and other Gulf rulers preserving their power, wealth and comforts remain their only concern. Though calling themselves Muslims, Saudi and the Gulf rulers, and even to a very great their wealthy people who think they are more Americans and British than the Americans and British, were least bothered about Islam or Muslims.

Already the Egyptian armed forces, better known for their   businesses and amassing wealth than fighting a battle, have served their Saudi-Zionist and American masters even before dealing with the extremely volatile political crisis which they created with their coup to oust President Morsi.

While Egypt was in turmoil   Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel and America- began rewarding the Egyptian military. Saudis pledged five billion dollar while the UAE pledged three billion dollar aid package to Egypt. 

Expressing his gratitude to Israel, the coup leader General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi began obediently carrying out the Israeli order   and started closing down tunnels, along the Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip, knowing very well the misery that would cause to the Palestinians in Gaza. The day after the coup Egyptian bulldozers began demolishing these tunnels   which have functioned as the life-line to the besieged 1.8 million Palestinian residents in Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Israeli siege in 2006.

The ministry of health in Gaza announced that fuel for electricity generators and ambulances will run out within days. "We are facing an unknown future with the closure of the tunnels and  Israel does not allow enough fuel through its crossings with Gaza”.

Welcoming the coup the former head of Israel's National Security Council, Giora Eiland, said that the events in Egypt and Syria bode well for the Zionist state. 

"As for Egypt, a year ago we in Israel feared Muslim Brotherhood rule and were concerned that the new regime would support the Islamic Resistance Movement, but that rule has come to an end," he said, "so we now have no need to fear." He pointed out that if a secular democratic regime is elected in Egypt, it is likely that relations with Israel will be normalized fully.

Eiland stressed that the Egyptian army is the one entity in the country that has an established relationship with Israel and as long as it relies on US aid its leaders will protect Israel's security in the Sinai Peninsula, regardless of who is sitting in the presidential palace. "The president will have too much to do to solve Egypt's many domestic problems to think about attacking Israel," he insisted

There were also reports that American diplomats sought to persuade the Muslim Brotherhood to accept President Morsi’s overthrow. Continuing a push for accommodation that began before the removal of President Mohamed Morsi the American diplomats contacted Brotherhood leaders to try to persuade them to re-enter the political process.

“They are asking us to legitimize the coup,” the Islamist said, arguing that accepting the removal of an elected president would be the death of Egyptian democracy. 

However speaking of the American hypocrisy Republican Ron Paul had this to state;  A military coup in Egypt, resulted in the removal and imprisonment of the elected president, Mohamed Morsi, a closure of media outlets sympathetic to him, the house arrest of his advisors, and the suspension of the constitution. The military that overthrew Morsi is the main recipient of the $1.3 billion yearly US aid package to Egypt. You could say that the US “owns” the Egyptian military that just overthrew its democratically-elected leader.

Well, Egypt had a democratically-elected government, but it was overthrown by the US-funded Egyptian military!

Let’s review US policy toward Egypt to see the foolish hypocrisy of the government’s interventionism: First the US props up the unelected Hosni Mubarak for decades, spending tens of billions of dollars to keep him in power. Then the US provides assistance to those who in 2011 successfully overthrew Mubarak. Then the US demands an election. The Egyptians held an election that was deemed free and fair and shortly afterward the US-funded military overthrows the elected president. Then the US government warns the military that it needs to restore democracy – the very democracy that was destroyed by military coup! All the while the US government will not allow itself to utter the word “coup” when discussing what happened in Egypt yesterday because it would mean they might have to stop sending all those billions of dollars to Egypt.

All this they do with a straight face. We are not supposed to notice the insanity of their foreign policy.

However Muslim Brotherhood said that the National Alliance for supporting the legitimacy of President Mohamed Morsi will not accept any negotiations before the withdrawal of the statement issued by Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and the return of President Morsi to his rightful position.

A MB statement stated that;

  • The most important of these constants is commitment to peacefulness. We will not stretch our hands to harm any-one of those who attack us. We will not be a party to shedding of Egyptian blood, even if others shed our blood, we will only meet bullets and weapons with only bare chests and empty hands.
  • We find it most regrettable that many political actors, who repeatedly and persistently talked about a civil democratic State, only to get involved in inciting the armed forces to mount a coup and then to support the coup without regard to those principles, values and ethics they spoke of for so long. 

It is also most regrettable that religious leaders are involved in supporting this great evil which   cannot be approved by any religion, law, tradition or Constitution. They should have never been involved in politics. 

Despite the pain and bitterness, we are willing to accept initiatives, from any sincere parties, which call for the return of full legitimacy – President, Constitution and Parliament, and then the President can hold a dialogue among all national forces where all controversial topics can be discussed and national reconciliation can be achieved in the interest of the homeland, so as to save the blood of the Egyptian people and to get out of the dark tunnel which the military coup has pushed us into as it dragged the country to the edge of the abyss on a sure path of destruction.

“Surely Allah will help him who helps His cause. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might. Certainly, the consequence of all things is in the hands of God.” (Quran 22:40, 41)

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