Shatters Muslims’ hope for justice from judiciary By Latheef Farook

Indian judiciary is fast collapsing in the face of rising RSS Hindutva which derives its inspirations from Hitler, Mussolini and now functions in close collaboration with Zionist Jews who turned Middle East into a killing field. Indications are that Indian Muslim can no longer turn to judiciary for justice under rising violent anti Muslim Hindutva forces.

This is what one could conclude at the Ahmadabad magistrate court’s shocking, shameful and frightening verdict on Thursday 26 December 2013 stating that there no evidence to prosecute Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in a case relating to the anti Muslim pogrom in 2002. The verdict has given a clean chit to Narendra Modi and 58 others.

It is a political than a judicial verdict as an adverse court verdict could expose Modi of his role in the genocide of Muslims and seriously affect   BJP’s massive and aggressive 'Modi-for-PM' campaign and its chances of ousting Congress at the Centre in 2014 polls.

Commenting on the verdict activist Mallika Sarabhai said that it was "silly to have expected anything else but a clean chit for Narendra Modi from a Gujarat court. The courts may not find evidence, but let Narendra Modi ask his conscience." She said she has "great optimism in India's good judges" and is hence "not giving up this long battle."

The   verdict sent shockwaves among India’s beleaguered and often brutalized Muslim community.   

The question is how carnage of such huge proportion could happen without the knowledge of Narendra Modi who was Chief Minister of Gujarat especially when the entire state machinery, under Modi’s control, was fully utilized to execute this barbarity which no normal human being could perpetrate.

Thousands of Muslims were massacred , some of them  electrocuted while others being chopped , children together with their family members were roasted in burning fire, Muslim owned residential, commercial, industrial   properties were set ablaze, thousands of Muslim women were raped and  in one of the most inhuman atrocities Muslim girls’ private parts were  mutilated with swords supplied by Modi’s Minister Mayaben Kodnani,  those driven out still languish in refugee camps in appalling condition while their properties being grabbed. The list of crime continues.

Though all fingers pointed at  Narendra Modi, he was never tried. Instead, indicating India’s fast declining moral values under rising RSS led Hindu fascism, Modi is the prime ministerial candidate supported by the Hindu corporate conglomerates which flourished under him, and Brahmin controlled media and external forces such as Zionist Jews besides financial support from Indian expatriates from oil rich Gulf countries and the west.

Narendra Modi, RSS front BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, is an insult to this ancient country where peaceful Hinduism of Vedas flourished. More than 150 million Muslims live in fear today at the thought of Modi becoming   prime minister in view of his crime records. The question is how come India could not find a decent crime free person to contest the prime ministerial elections.


Zakia Jaffrey, wife of the former Congress MP, Ehsan Jafffrey who filed the case, broke down in the court as she narrated how her husband was dragged by Zakia_Jafrithe mob, stripped   and chopped off his limbs before burning him alive. She described the horror she and other members of the society underwent when they were under attack by the mob of more than 3,000 on February 28, 2002, the very next day of train burning at Godhra.

"We are not satisfied with the order and will file an appeal in a month," said Zakia's counsel, adding, there was enough evidence to prosecute the Narendra Modi

 in a larger conspiracy case. The advocate claimed they had produced enough evidence to prove that chief minister Narendra Modi was involved.  

Explaining the carnage Zakia stated that “on the day of the massacre, hearing the mob, many of the residents took refuge in the home of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, also a resident. By noon, the mob turned violent, breached the boundary wall and set fire to the houses .By evening, 69 people, including former Congress MP Ehsan Jafrey were charred to death.

 Jaffrey’s frantic phone calls for help to the police and politicians were ignored during the massacre.Only after the police arrived in the evening; Zakia came down from the first floor and saw on the veranda the mutilated bodies of her neighbour Kasambhai's wife and his pregnant daughter-in-law, who had been stabbed in the abdomen with a sword. The foetus had come out. She also saw five or six bodies lying in the backyard.

Zakia accused the Special Investigation Team, SIT, appointed by the Supreme Court, of shielding Modi and others by not believing statements given by police officers and neglecting the available evidence. She has also accused the SIT of playing the role of a court by adjudging the truth of the available evidence. Her lawyers contended that the investigation was incomplete and the probe agency had not even done it seriously.  

Zakia Jaffrey alleged that Modi colluded with senior ministers, bureaucrats and the police to fan the communal violence that tore through the state.   

In 2006, Zakia filed a complaint about the role played by Modi and 62 others during the 2002 riots. When Gujarat police refused to register her complaint, she moved the Gujarat high court which asked her to approach a magisterial court. She chose to move the apex court.

Zakia furnished mobile phone records to claim that Modi along with his six close aides visited their neighborhood, Meghaninagar, just a day before the murderous mob attacked their house. She told a metropolitan magistrate in Ahmedabad that Modi himself visited the area with his aides on February 27, 2002, before going to Godhra where 59 kar sevaks were killed. During that visit, Zakia alleged, he conspired with rioters to carry out the next day's (February 28) attack on her apartment.

Here are some details of the Gulberg massacre case;

          • Ehsan Jaffrey, then Congress MP and husband of Zakia  , the main petitioner in the case, was among 68 others who were burnt alive during the 2002 riots in Gujarat.
          • Jaffrey’s frantic phone calls for help to the police and politicians were   ignored at the time of incident.
          • Zakia accused that   Modi colluded with senior ministers, bureaucrats and the police to fan the communal violence that tore through the state.
          • Zakia’s allegations were investigated by a Special Investigating Team or SIT appointed by the Supreme Court in March 2008.
          • Modi was interrogated in 2010 by the SIT for over nine hours.
          • In 2011, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case and said it would be handled by an Ahmadabad court.
          • In April 2011, Sanjiv Bhatt, who was a senior police officer in 2002, said that at a meeting, Modi told him and other cops to allow Hindus in the state to exact revenge for the killing of 59 karsevaks on the Sabarmati Express near Godhra.
          • However, the SIT concluded that Sanjiv Bhatt's testimony was not reliable because he was nursing a grudge against the government as he was sidelined by the Modi administration.
          • The SIT also alleged that the petition was a motivated one and was filed at the instance of anti-Modi activist Teesta Setalvad.
          • After four years, the SIT said in February 2012 to the shock of the entire country that there was no prosecutable evidence against Modi and the others and filed a closure report indicating its inquiry has ended.
          • Zakia contested that decision and challenged the SIT's closure report and the clean-chit given to Modi.

gujrat2  gujrat3

Arguments got over in September 2013. SIT counsel RS Jamuar argued before the court that no direct or circumstantial evidence supporting Zakia’s allegations was found, while her lawyers argued that SIT ignored the relevant evidence and shielded the main culprits.  

Finally on Thursday 26 December 2013 court issued the verdict exonerating Modi of all charges –a verdict which will him a great deal in his prime ministerial campaign.

The SIT head, retired CBI director, RK Raghavan told NDTV that he stands by his report and is ready for it "to be scrutinized by anyone." The unanswered question is if Narendra Modi did not commit this barbarity who did it?  Raghavan should prick his conscious, if he has something like that, before selling his soul to protect Modi. 

This is emerging India and god save  Hindus, Muslims and other alike from Hindutva fascism .

The affected speak out

Rupa Mody: The decision is not only about Gulbarg Society, it's about all victims of the 2002 riots. Zakia did all she could to tell the judiciary that someone must be held responsible for that day.


Saira Sindhi: We were hoping that while nobody listened to our pleas, the judiciary will be the last hope. The judgment has affected our spirit but we will continue seeking justice till our last breath.

Salim​ Sindhi: There's abundant evidence … All I want is for the judiciary to see the case as a chance to set an example so no power hungry people use it for their gains.

Kasam Mansuri: The judgment came in less than a minute and left us all stunned. I have lost 10 members of my family in riots. We are ready to go up to the Supreme Court to seek justice.     

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