President: No ‘Ambiguous’ Issue Left

TEHRAN (Dispatches) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that there is no “ambiguous” issue remaining between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“Because of good cooperation between Iran and the agency, important issues were resolved and today there is no ambiguous issue left between Iran and the agency,” the president said in a statement carried by ISNA news agency soon after he met IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei.

Noting that Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA had satisfactory results, he appreciated ElBaradei for his efforts in this regard.
“On the whole, significant issues have been resolved due to the good cooperation between Iran and the IAEA, and today there has not remained any ambiguous issue regarding Iran and the IAEA,” he added.

The Iranian president also pointed out that Iran has always tried to help the IAEA and its head fulfill their mission successfully.
“We believe that if the IAEA is powerful, it will be able to succeed in different missions so on many occasions we went beyond our (IAEA) obligations,” he said.

ElBaradei, for his part, confirmed normalization of Iran’s nuclear issue at the UN nuclear agency, saying, “Through the good cooperation between Tehran and the UN atomic agency, the issue of Iran’s nuclear program is (moving) on a normal course.”
Ahmadinejad called on his U.S. counterpart to seize the present opportunity to show a change in the U.S. policies in practice, cautioning that Barack Obama has a little time to materialize his change slogan.

“There is not much time for the materialization of this motto, and lack of action means losing the opportunities.”

ElBaradei noted, “Given the fact that the new U.S. administration is after change (in policies), mutual respect and continuation of talks with other countries, we hope that this opportunity is taken and a move is started to reform the status quo through the adoption of a wise policy.”

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