Covid 19 New wave – Youth may also be affected

COVID 19 At this time where a number of new varieties of the virus are spreading worldwide, young personnel in many countries are increasingly getting sick. The situation observed in Sri Lanka in the past few days is similar to this.

Additionally, another trend of reporting serious respiratory difficulties and having to be admitted into intensive care units for a significant number of patients currently being hospitalized.

In a background like this, there is a need to perform disease prevention activities more than ever before. Even young children, including all young and old people, have to minimize leaving their homes as much as possible, except for a necessary reason in an embracing environment. There is also an opinion that some varieties that are circulating today have the potential to spread faster than the ones that were earlier. That’s why staying in unnecessarily crowded places is a risk to not only oneself, but the lives of all the young and elderly in their family.

It is very important to always wear a deer mask when leaving the house and keep your hands clean often.

Personnel make sure to avoid meeting places as much as possible, and if they have to go to a crowded place for a matter of necessity, leaving that place as soon as possible will also reduce the risk of getting the disease to some extent.

News from foreign countries explains how severe this epidemic can face within a short time. In this coming time, our style of behaviour, may decide whether our country will be drawn in the same direction or we will move towards a better tomorrow.

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