Legendary singer Sunil Perera passes away


There are two types of people in the world. They are either, your brothers in faith, or brothers in humanity. Demise of beloved brother Sunil Perera the center piece of the highly popular musical outfit of Sri Lanka “Gypsies”, has caused a big vacuum in the music and entertainment industry. His songs are not always for pure entertainment. Humour, fun, entertainment aside, they carried deeper meaning of what life is all about on this terra firma. Many of the songs were greatly admired and appreciated by all communities in Sri Lanka.

While music being his career, serving humanity was his mission. He rose above caste and creed, race and religion, helped and assisted all those in need. Delving a little deeper, he was, a great human rights activist. Some of his songs clearly conveyed the message “equality of man, in the sight of man and God”. He was a fearless, a courageous man, crossed the Rubicon, endangering his and his family life, while trying to champion the cause, of poor and the helpless and those popular humans whose lives suddenly vanished into thin air. As a community, we miss him a great deal. May his soul rest in peace.

Sailan Muslim Foundation offers condolences on the demise of singer Sunil Perera on behalf of a grateful nation and community.

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