The Muslim Ladies Study Circle is a social service organization which has served the Community for forty years. It is registered as a Non Governmental Organization registered under the No FL-107604 and incorporated by in act of Parliament No 31 of 1982.

Officials of Sailan Muslim Foundation visited their Head Office and found they are actively involved in serving the community in many ways. Having identified the problems facing the community, Muslim Ladies Study Circle has arranged vocational training classes in Dress Making, Machine Embroidery, Hand Embroidery, Ribbon and Brazilian Embroidery, Cookery, Cake making, Curtain Stitching, Paper Toll, Beauty Culture, Computer Etc in addition to English and Thajweed. Those who have learned the skills have become very independent and certain cases has become the sole breadwinner of the family.

Their vision is now to increase women skills and provide similar centers in rural areas. There are Vocational Training Centers at Kahatovita, Warakapola, Panadura and Galle.
We understood from the Chairperson Mrs.Ameena Faisz Muthapha, that the centre is providing the training free of any charge, hence they need fund to maintain. The total cost per month is in the region Rs 165,000.00 and looking for sponsors to maintain the operation.
Sailan Muslim urges all the viewers to donate freely to maintain this yeoman service provided by the Study Circle.
The particulars of the bank details are as follows:
Account Name: Muslim Ladies Study Circle
Bank Name: Commercial Bank – Kollupitiya Branch
Bank Address: # 285, Galle Road, Colombo 3 Sri lanka
Account No: 11-0005-0002

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