Muslim Aid,UNHCR donate 50 million worth of medical equipment to Lady Ridgeway Hospital

COLOMBO – Muslim Aid Sri Lanka in collaboration with UNHCR handed over the most advanced laparoscope system to Lady Ridgeway Hospital on Tuesday 2nd April .

The event was honored by Dr. Asela Gunewardana – the Director General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health. Ms.Sanjeetha Satyamurthy – Head of National Office, UNHCR, Dr. G.Wijeyesuriya-Director of Lady Ridgeway Hospital, and  Mr. Faizer Khan – Country Director of Muslim Aid Sri Lanka.

Dr. Wijesuriya, Director of Lady Ridgeway Hospital, acknowledged financial constraints preventing the purchase of valuable medical equipment in the past years due to the current economic crisis of the country. However, we managed to maintain quality service through various donations of medical equipment, medicine and surgical consumables. He thanked UNHCR and Muslim Aid Sri Lanka for providing a laparoscopic system to fulfil the long-waited need for improved health services as per the changing trends of patient care. The Director urged the doctors, nurses, and health professionals to handle the equipment utmost care to provide the best services to the children in the hospital. 

The Country Director of Muslim Aid appreciated   the Director General of Health Services for his support and thanked UNHCR for their partnership over 10 years in supporting the refugees in Sri Lanka and improving the capacity of major government hospitals in the country.  He expressed gratitude to the Director of the Hospital, senior consultant, and hospital staff for their valuable assistance in effectively handing over the highly valuable medical equipment to the hospitals to increase the pediatric services for children in the hospital and nations. 

Medical Equipment handing over note was formally handed over to the Director Dr. G.Wijeyesuriya – the  Lady Ridgeway Hospital by the Sanjitha Satyamurthi,  head of the national office, UNHCR Sri Lanka in the presence of Mr. Faizer Khan Country Director Muslim Aid Sri Lanka Office. 

Dr. Asela Gunwardena, Director General of Health Services, stated that 10 % of the country’s current surgical inventory is to be replaced and that the existing capacity of the country is not adequate to replace or repair. He praised UNHCR and Muslim Aid Sri Lanka for their immense support of 50 million worth of medical equipment to the hospital to improve effective health care and treatment, which has value to the patients beyond the monitory terms. Further praised Lady Ridgeway Hospital for their efforts in saving children’s lives during COVID-19 and the economic crisis.

The Senior Consultant of Pediatrics Dr. Lamahewage stated that, the provided medical equipment is very helpful in improving patient care for children in the hospitals and children who are transported from hospitals in various parts of the country since the hospital serves as the national referral centre for pediatric care in Sri Lanka.  

This warm gesture and contribution to the health system will enhance the capacity to provide timely and effective pediatric care for children in the country.

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