Fathima Muslim Ladies College – DREAM COMES TRUE


The Government of Sri Lanka had decided to upgrade 1000 Schools of which 74 were Muslim schools. Unfortunately, Fatima Muslim Ladies College, even though requires upgrading, didn’t fall under this category.  Hence the responsibility rest on the shoulders of Muslim Community to facilitate and upgrade the school.

The school was visited on Tuesday the 3rd April 2012 by the officials of Sailan Muslim Foundation based on the minutes of meeting held on Thursday 22nd March 2012 and follow up meetings held on 26th and 27th March 2012, with respect to improve the standard of education in the community.

Fact finding team consists of A.G.A. Barrie, of Sailan Muslim Foundation, M.Y.A.Bawa and M.I.H.Hamid of Education Department

Details of the school

Name:                                              Fathima Muslim Ladies College

Grade of School                             1AB

Principal                                         Mrs H.M.Yousuf

Medium                                         Tamil, Sinhala and English

Number of Students                    2800

Number of Teachers                     101

Student to Teacher Ratio                28:1

Number of Classrooms presently available    58

Number of Class rooms required                    75

Under equipped laboratory                                1

Audi visual Equipment available but no classroom

No other facilities

Science teachers             no issues

GCE (O) level Science Stream Tamil Medium    111 sat and 60% passed

GCE(O) Level Science Stream English medium   18 sat and 15% passed

GCE(O) Level Science Stream Sinhala Medium  None sat

GCE(A) Level  three entered University




1.       Classrooms

Presently the classes are held on corridors and sheds. The government has approved construction of a three storey building which could provide at least 10 of the 17 classrooms required. Details of the approved building are available with Mrs. Batugedara, Provincial Engineer. The office is located on Scoffield Place Colombo.

2.       Science Laboratory

Only one laboratory for all grades from grade six to thirteen, under equipped and hardly enough room for the children to move around is available and there is room to extend the laboratory. It has to be restored into a livable classroom with sufficient equipment for all grades has to be provided. More than 60% of the student appeared for GCE(O) Level passed purely due to dedication of the teachers and hard work by the students without any motivation through facilities. The school is 1AB grade and no facilities have been provided for the last 20 years

3.       Computer and Audiovisual Facilities

There are audiovisual equipments available but no classroom to teach or utilize. There are 15 computers available in a small computer laboratory.  Need to improve.

4.       Sports Facilities

Due to non-availability of sports field or grounds, Sports Meet is held once in four years. Sports being vital for the development a fair size ground to be provided.

5.       Under nourished children.

70% of the children are from low income group. At least five children cannot afford breakfast. Many of the children have no place to study, no lights and above all family unrest.


Even though the teachers are dedicated under good direction of the Principal, lack of class rooms and facilities is holding back the children’s progress. The children who do well in GCE(O) level tend to leave the school due to lack of facilities to further their education. It is creditable to note with all the difficulties, three students gained admission to university one for Unani Medicine, one for Commerce and the other Arts

The fact finding team recommend the construction of the approved building to provide the immediately needed ten class rooms, restore and upgrade the existing laboratory and provide a fair size play ground.

Foundation Laying Ceremony



By the help of Allah and through the efforts of Senior Minister AHM Fowzie and Provincial Member Nouzer Fowzie, contacted Alhadj ZAM Refai Hadjiar and  have agreed to finance the construction of the School building. Accordingly the foundation stones for the building were laid today, Sunday the 9th December 2012 by Hon.Basil Rajapakse, Minister of Urban Development, Hon. A.H.M. Fowzie Senior Minister for Urban Affairs, His worship A.J.M. Muzammil, Mayor of Colombo and Al Hadj ZAM Refai. Chairman Zamgems. Alhamdulillah the long awaited dream has come true.



The ceremony commenced with recital of Quran by the student F.H.Zaahidha followed school song. Principal Mrs Yousuf welcomed the guests and thanked Al Hadj Z.A.M. Refai for the kind gesture. Hon. A.H.M. Fowzie, Senior Minister for Urban Affairs,  mentioned that he will continue to support the school and will try to purchase the adjoining land for a ground. Hon. Basil Rajapakse, Minister of Economic Development, recalled his youth period, living in the vicinity and promised to help the school in whatever way possible to enhance the education and thanked Al -Hadj Refai for the kind assistance to erect the building. The Mayor of Colombo, His worship. A.J.M. Muzammil thanked the principal for the good work and praised Al Hadj Refai for continuance support to the community. Hon. Alavi Moulana, Governor, Western Province thanked Refai Hadjiar for the continuing support to raise the standard of Education among the needy. Mr. AGA Barrie mentioned that helping towards education of the community runs in the family and AlHadj Refai’s father was the first to donate a land to build a school for girls in Beruwela and  Al Hadj Refai is following his father’s footstep. He asked the audience to pray for his health. The function concluded with recital of Dua by Najeemuddin Moulavi , Vote of thanks by the Vice Principal Mrs. Mumthas Begum and playing of the National Anthem and finally the Salawaath by all.



The function was grand and well attended by the students, teachers, parents and well wishers. The school band welcomed the guests of honour, School, Provincial and National flags were hoisted and the students performed many colourful cultural events.

Tokens of appreciation were presented to Hon Minister Basil Rajapakse and Alhadj Z. A.M. Refai, Chairman Zamgems by Senior Minister A.H.M.Fowzie

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