NEED HELP ! – The Welithara Muslim School is the only Muslim school in the Ambalangoda Education Zone in the Southern Province.

Most of the children who are studying in this school come from low income families. As our school exists, the children are offered Islamic knowledge and religious studies. Especially Muslim girls are greatly benefitted from this school for their personal and religious life in their pursuit to follow Islam.

            But, unfortunately, the number of students of this school has been shrinking owing to acute teacher shortage as well as lack of resources. In this circumstance; the school runs the risk of being closed in the future.

            In order to remedy this unfavorable situation, a project was implemented to give education for students from Grade one to Grade five in the English Medium in addition to the local stream. This project has been a great success. The English knowledge of our children has been remarkably improved in comparison to other schools in the Ambalangoda Education Zone. Also, school admission to this school too has been improved. This project was initially funded and patronized by a native Muslim philanthropist of the village. Three non-government teachers had been employed and a sum of Rs. 50 000 was paid as teachers’ salaries by this dignitary.

            But, unfortunately, we have been advised by him that he no longer can support this project; because in his opinion, it is the responsibility of the government to provide resources for the project further. As a result we are compelled to abundant this project.

            We look forward your kind help to continue this valuable project. We hope you will consider all these facts and give us your fullest support.

Yours Faithfully,

The principal

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