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We welcome the youth of the Sri Lanka to our website! We invite you to see, read, and learn what young people like you are doing to make a difference in the world we live in!

We are a group of young people from Sri Lanka, who have decided to make this world a better place. We are determined, enthusiastic, dedicated and inventive. We believe youth have the right to express their opinions and put their initiatives into practice. We know the moment to change is NOW and we want to use our talent and energy to help our planet have a brighter future.

  • We are convinced that our ideas can solve great problems.
  • We feel that our actions can change people’s attitudes and reactions.
  • We don’t give up and we believe in our mission.
  • We can find answers and we know how to fight for our dreams.
  • We discovered we have the power to make a change.
  • We know that we have no more time for waiting and talking.
  • We, young people all over the world, need to take positions and think of possible solutions.


Because we are decided.
And because we have hope.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I would like to point out the current situation of the Sri Lanka muslim youths.

    The condition is very bad.Muslim youths are towards there peril.And it’s not bad to say that we have become problem creators in the society. The following can be stated as the main roots for the barbaric behavior of this society.

    1. The influence of the indecent, misguiding south Indian cinemas.
    2. Uncaring and uneducated parents
    3. The lacking of a leader for the Whole Muslim Community in Sri Lanka.
    4. Modern Technology(which has replaced the habit of acquiring knowledge / reading)

    Though we accept or not, the above has become the basic factors which dominates in the misbehavior of the Lankan Muslim Youths especially.

    In this regard, the step taken by the sailanmuslim team, to improve the status of the Muslim Youths in Lanka is commendable.

    First of all, we should read. Read, read and read. We should bring back this habit which has been lost among our society today. This was what Mr.Latheef Farook stated again and again in an open discussion which was held at his residence with the members of the Students’ Media Forum of Zahira College, Mawanella.

    Today’s youth should read the history of the past muslim scholars. We should know how they achieved, how and what they sacrificed for gaining a bit of knowledge. Read the quran and sunnah of the prophet. And opening the road to success based on the past achievements of these scholars.

    I think those who read this article have got an idea of what i meant to say. I would welcome if anyone can correct me if this is false.

    I also welcome you to my site http://www.aqmalahsan.tk

    “Reading maketh a full man”


  2. i’m ready for this

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