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  1. You see, the enemy knows how to play the game, we don’t. We are so immature and insecure even about our religion. Do you see other religious scriptures being burnt?

    Here’s how they gain:

    1) Burn Qur’an and get our idiots to react like retards with violence and create a bad impression of Muslims as insecure fools

    2) Bring them more attention

    3) Waste our time and distract us

    Why give them fuel for their fire?

    Why are we getting so worked up? The Qur’an is there for all time. ALLAH Himself guarantees this. We have millions of Qur’ans and countless Hafizs and Hafizahs.

    They can never extinguish Allah’s Light however much they try!

  2. This is a must read for all those interested in Islamic history and the Ottoman Khilafat. It shows that there were a good number of noble Sharif families who actually supported the Ottoman Turks against the inroads of Western Imperialism.

  3. Hudah Nalukwago

    Asalaam Alaikum,

    Please enlighten me on how wealth is shared in sharia law in such a case or whether it is still valid.
    my father passed on 20years ago but his wealth was not shared.
    my grandfather is still alive.
    my mother is also there,
    we are 3 girls but dad left my brother though not from a legitimate woman

    what are the proportions that my fathers wealth be shared?

  4. Assalam o alaikum Fazali Sb,

    My maternal uncle (Mammo) has recently died, he has no kids and his wife also passed away before him.

    He has:

    •Two brothers

    oBrother 1

    1 daughter ,1 son

    oBrother 2

    1 daughter (married)

    •Three sisters

    oSister 1 (My mother)

    1 son, 3 daughters (all married)

    oSister 2 (My aunt)

    4 sons (3 married)

    oSister 3 (my deceased aunt)

    1 married daughter

    He left:

    •One house (Rs 8 million)
    •Deposited money in National Saving (Rs 3 million)
    •And Prize bonds worth (Rs 1 million)

    There is no written will. Now please elaborate how his inheritance will be distributed. As per my other uncles, it’s only their right to have all this inheritance.


  5. AoA All here… Very detailed and Informative Article… Nice and Great Effort by Mr. Fazli Sameer…

    Sir I have a question… Hope so you may guide me and this may be helpful for others facing the same situation.

    I am an adopted Son… My name is Muhammad Usman Arshad… in 90’s when my father (now) who is actually my uncle (mamu) adoptted me from his sister (my real mother). When uncle adopted me at that time, he changed my name and fathership on his own just like as a new born child and registered my name as his own son. then all further documentation from then to till now is on his name as my father’s name. I think you got this situation…

    Now the point is…

    In 2010 my mother (actually my aunt-mumani) as in Form-B her name was entered as my mother has passed away (my her soul RIP). After her death, my father got his share in her’s property or inheritance and the remaining was divided between my mother’s brothers and sisters (as per law). from there i got nothing…

    My Question is this, can I claim my share from them as a Son according to Law…

    2nd thing, after the death of father (may He Live Long Life), is there any share for me according to law or can i claim my share according to law… or I will get nothing as I have not got from the mother’s side..

    Third thing, can I entile for the share in inheritence from the real father and mother side, as i have not been listed in the docunmentation from their side as their son…

    Please Guide me Properly.. It will be very helpful for me and for others who have the same situation like…

    sorry for any gramatical mistake…. please ignore…

    Muhammad Usman Arshad

  6. kindly register

  7. kindly mail me the stories of malays in sri lanaka

  8. I would like to know about the property distribution as per Shariah (Bukhari Shareef Hadith)
    My father has two wife;first wife has 2 sons & 3 daughters, whereas second wife has 1 son & 1 daughter.
    the property has been sold Rs. 20,000,00/- ( Twenty Lakh Only)
    Please provide me details with figures belongs to each person (wife, son, mother)

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