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Mohamed Farah’s double gold should bring much needed positive image for the Somali people who has undergone hardship for decades with the prevailing anarchy in that most unfortunate country on earth now.

We confidently hope that Farah’s win will restore some confidence in Somali youth in their war ravaged country as well as in their adopted countries.
Farah migrated to Britain as an eight year old child. Although he had enough of natural talent the credit should be evenly shared by the British Olympic authorities for grooming him for the current position.
However, we cannot forget what once late Sri Lankan foreign minister, Kadirgamar said when he was talking about his degree he obtained from Oxford: in this case; 'Icing may be done in Britain but the cake was baked in Somalia".
Now he is a full-fledged star, with double Olympic gold to his credit. It is reported that young children were cheerfully shaping the ‘Mobot’ – Mo’s signature victory sign, like that of the standard Usain Bolt’s trade mark victory sign.
Many are optimistic that Mo Farah’s win will shed light on a different kind of role model Somalis can look up to and aspire to emulate, and if they are lucky enough to see more Somali-British youngsters competing in the 2016 Rio Olympic. We are pleased to hear anything good about Somalia or its people, who really deserves some cheer up in any form.
Let Mohamed Farah be the beginning!
– Asian Tribune –

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