Islamic Beauty

The concept of Beauty is deeply entrenched in Islam. In fact Islam teaches us that God is Beautiful and loves Beauty. God has the Most Beautiful Names collectively known as Asma Al Husna. He also desires that His most favoured creation, Man whom He Created in His Image and in the Best of Moulds, also strive to be beautiful. This does not necessarily mean physical beauty, but also encompasses the way men and women behave in their day to day lives from cradle to grave – clean, cultured and courteous. Islamic beauty also finds expression in aspects of culture such as forms of dress, architecture and calligraphy, all of which the followers of Islam throughout the world have developed to a very high standard in keeping with Islamic norms.

Here are a collection of photos from various parts of the Islamic world including mosques, palaces, fortresses, Islamic rituals including prayer, Ramadan fast and festival, landmarks of life such as circumcision, weddings and funerals and Muslim peoples attired in their traditional costumes from different parts of the world.



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