​An appeal from the National Shoora Council

The National Shoora Council acknowledges with great admiration the yeoman service rendered up to now by the several Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), the Police, Armed Forces and the government Agencies to the distressed people affected by the floods and landslides in various parts of the island. 

The initial exercise which is still continuing is focused on saving lives and providing those affected with food and temporary shelter.  The NSC thinks that what is being done is the first step in disaster management and there are the secondary and tertiary steps which remain to be implemented.   Attending to the immediate needs like health, hygiene etc.  and the long term solution of facilitating their return to their homes.

There is a huge task in front of all of us as responsible members of civil society.  The NSC therefore, fervently appeals to all Corporate entities, NGOs, CBOs, philanthropists, individuals and others to come forward at this time of need of the people.  There is so much that needs to be done and so little is being done constrained by resources.  The disaster stricken people out there are waiting in anticipation that you will come to help them.

Please send in your donations to:

Amana Savings Account
CC No: 010  000  5634  001

Contact persons :
Mr. Nizam : 0777 362 585
Mr. Shaffideen : 0778 548 667


Tariq Mahmud

National Shoora Council 

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