What do i need for hajj?

Hajj Checklist, Hajj Packing Guide for Pilgrims. Hajj is a splendid journey of love between the believer and the lord of the heavens. There is no religious or spiritual event which is more evident as is Hajj in the holy city of Makkah. It is an obligatory act of worship upon every sane and financially able Muslim. It is the fifth pillar of Islam and a religious duty which is central to Islamic belief.  Millions of Muslims keep back all the differences related to nationality, caste, financial status, and race to unite together in this holy pilgrimage with a simple two-piece of white cloth.

Although Muslims start preparing for this journey month before Zilhijjah yet it is vital to make ready a checklist of the things required on this once-in-a-lifetime journey. Here is a hajj checklist to help you set up the important things you need for this sacred journey.

The Hajj Checklist and Hajj Packing Guide

  1. At least two ihram
  2. A comprehensive hajj guide is a must carry.
  3. Spare slippers or a sandal as a lot of traveling is involved.
  4. Sheets
  5. Airy and comfortable scarf for indoors
  6. Hand and body towels
  7. A small pouch to keep the ticket, health certificate, passport or travelers cheques throughout the journey.
  8. Pack the food that has more calories, takes less space and has a lower impact on worship.
  9. Carry few energy drinks as you have to walk a lot.
  10. Clothes that suit the weather conditions.
  11. Cloth or mat for laying on ground
  12. Nail cutter
  13. Sunglasses
  14. While traveling keep these Sunnah things with you like miswak, scissors, thread, sewing needle, comb, oil, and mirror.
  15. A water bottle that you can hang around the neck.
  16. Water spray to use on body and neck during hot weather.
  17. Dining and cooking utensils just in case
  18. Medicines for cold, fever and headache. Also, take the medication prescribed by the doctor.
  19. A surgical mask is a must to wear in large crowds.
  20. Coat hangers
  21. Band-aids
  22. Non-scented soap
  23. Tissues
  24. Pillow
  25. Small suitcase or bag for Arafat
  26. Quran
  27. Umbrella
  28. Sunscreen
  29. Prayer rug
  30. Toothbrush
  31. Paste
  32. Personal battery operated fan
  33. Chapstick

Pilgrims are prone to get sick that is why it is always recommended to wear surgical masks in large gatherings and never touch any body part or your face without washing hands or using sanitizer. Most importantly keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water.

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Luggage Essentials for Hajj Pilgrims

  • A durable handbag/backpack for the frequently needed stuff
  • A large luggage bag that is marked with your identification details
  • A waist wallet to hold your luggage keys and important stuff
  • Tag all of your luggage and belongings with your identification and contact details
  • Wheeled suitcase for heavy stuff
  • GPS tracker

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