First AGM – ZACOBA -Zahira College Colombo, Old Boys Association of Canada

The first Annual General Meeting of the Old Zahirians in Canada was held on 24th October and the following office bearers were elected.


1 President Ackiel Ousmand     416-898-9495          ackiel@rogers.com
2 Vice President Mohamed Faizal     647-968-4162
3 Secretary Fareed Kuhafa 416-705-1342 fareedkuhafa@hotmail.com
4 Asst. Secretary Arshath Cassim 416-878-4395 arshathc@hotmail.com
5 Treasurer Nishthar Idroos 647-271-7587 nishtharidroos@yahoo.com
6 Asst. Treasurer Mohamed Asif 647-707-3884 mohamed_asif_27@hotmail.com
7 Director – Sports and Rec. Ameen Ariffeen 416-473-6526 ameen.shirley@rogers.com
8 Asst. Director – Sports and Rec. Anas Hussain
9 Director – Social and Welfare Zakir A.H.M. 647-889-4810
10 Asst. Director – Social and Welfare
11 Director – Education and Develop. Siddiq Sulaiman 647-216-1658
12 Asst. Director – Education and Develop. Rakeeb

1 Trustee AGA Barrie 416-291-2128 agabarrie@rogers.com
2 Trustee Rajindra Clement Ratnapuli 905-426-8606 rajindra@rogers.com
3 Trustee Nisardeen N.M. 905-625-1033
4 Trustee Mubark Syed
5 Trustee Kamil M.H.M. 647-830-7271 camilhsn@yahoo.ca

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  1. This is a good begining. Bravo! for the 3 musketeers who initiated this. I hope this association will strengthen over the months to come enabling the members to contribute something back to the Alma Mater and the community at large, IA. Hope, this will also pave the way for the initiation of ZACOBAs in other countries as well. I would like to hear from ZCC old boys from other countries as well.

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