Registration of Mosque Federations

12, May, 2020 

Registration of Mosque Federations

The Wakfs Board of Sri Lanka has decided to cause all entities formed by the association of Mosques, commonly called and known as ‘Mosques Federation’ / ‘Mosque Committee’ ect. to be registered with the Waqf Board.

This step is being taken to grant recognition, to structure the said Federations to function with the coordination of the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs and to strengthen the said Federations to assist achieving the objectives of the Wakfs Act.

This decision is taken based on the feedback recieved from the field officers of the department in handling the distribution of dates and payment of salaries to mosque employees. The current status of Mosque Federations can be described as follows:

1. There are well organized mosque federations which were helpful to the Department.

2. There are federations which are regional and not well coordinated at district level. Here the Department staff face considerable problems.

3.There are federations but run as private organizations without being trustees of any mosque at the moment.

4. There are no federations at all in some areas. The department staff face lot of problems.

Waqf Board is deliberating on the process and procedures for for this purpose. It intends to complete the process by end of August, 2020.

A.B.M. Ashraff
Director, Waqf Board and
Director, Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs

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