Scholarship for Zahirians – Colombo

AssalamuAlaikumWarahamathullahiWabarakathuhu (Peace, mercy and blessing upon you)


My dear Mr Jiffry


Principal Zahira College



May I take this opportunity to congratulate you, the staff and the Board of Governors for the wonderful efforts, you all are taking to bring back Zahira to its Golden Era.


As a mode of support, Sailan Muslim Foundation, once again offering a scholarship to an achiever but should match the following, which was norm in the Golden Era:

Must be a College Senior Prefect ot at least a Prefect

Should have at least qualified to compete or won the Gold Medal for the best all round student of the year

Must have awarded the College Colours for leading or at least representing the College in any Sports, Cadeting or Scouting

Representing National Team in any sports or at least qualified to represent

Have set a ,national record or at least in the first top ten

Gain entrance to local university in any field preferably Engineering or Medicine

As most entered the University in the Golden Era had at least three of the above and I know for sure one had all of the six , more than one had five and many had four and it is not impossible to achieve all of the above.


Hope and pray the Principal will announce this important challenge of  'Goal to Achieve' in the next assembly and follow it up.


I am sur most of the students of the Golden Era will agree with me, as we are here to assist you and others, in whatever way possible, to bring back Zahira to its peak Insha Allah




A.G.A.Barrie P.Eng

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